Pack Walks


Free Pick up and drop off Mondays thru Fridays

2-3 hour socialization, playtime and swim

If your dog has a fun and playful personality, gets along with other dogs, has a fair recall or a high value treat will get their attention, consider an off leash pack walk with our group.  They will love the playtime and runs and will come home tired and relaxed.

For busy dog owners that work long days or just want their pet to have an  outing, our off leash pack walks will bring home a tired and happy dog.  After their energy is spent, you can relax or use this time for training. 

Fees:  $23.00 per walk under 5 days a week

Fees:  $21.50 per walk 5 days a week

On each visit we will top up their water and feed your dog (if required) and give them all the attention they ask for and complimentary pictures of the day for you.


Pack Walks


What is an OFF LEASH GROUP WALK and how does it work?


Nearly every dog owner has the same worries about letting their dog off their leash but are there benefits to having your dog off leash? There  certainly is!  Here are a few of the benefits that dogs can experience when they're allowed to go (safely) off leash:

They can exercise and play in ways they can’t in your home or on leash  (e.g., playing chase with other dogs, playing fetch, swimming, participating with new friends.)

They will develop more confidence (e.g., by getting to explore a bit more,  problem solving, making good choices and interacting more naturally with other dogs) 

They will have more freedom and an outlet to burn excess energy (e.g., off leash dogs "check in" with the walker frequently, often covering significantly more mileage with all of their back-and-forth running)  

So how does the process work?

*We do a "meet and greet" with one of my dogs in your home and see what your pet thinks about a new friend.

*Once signed up for the walks, I will pick up your dog at your home in the AM.

*Your dog will first have a 12ft light weight leash attached to their collar and myself.

*Depending on your pet's comfort level, I will eventually drop the leash and follow closely behind for safety and quick availability to the leash.

*While we are on our walk I will work on his/her recall and basic training with tasty treats, affection and lots of praise.

*When the time comes that I am confident of your pet's habits the leash comes off.

*The walk lasts between 2 and 3 hours and then I drop your pet off at home,  give them a treat, check that they have water and leave a tired dog napping, awaiting your arrival home.

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